Our Vision

To get associated with Brilliant
Gen-Next startups coming out of India

Our Mission

To educate Indian HNIs& make
our startup ecosystem the largest in the world

About Us

India as a market is big enough to support new products and services because we consume at a scale which is rarely seen anywhere else in the world. And startups are at the forefront of bringing in these new products and services. During the past decade, Indian startups have created an ecosystem that cannot be ignored. With more than 40,000 startups in the country, this is a sector which is commanding global attention, and rightly so.

SUNiCON is a division of Sun Capital Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd. We at SUNiCON pride on calling ourselves an Investment Bank exclusively for startups. We wish to get associated with brilliant gen-next startups and connect them to the correct investors.

We, however, don't just arrange equity. Our services include complete hand-holding of startups in their growth story.

At present, we are working with a gamut of startups belonging to various sectors, ranging from consumer goods to technology and healthcare, and we would love to hear from motivated entrepreneurs determined to take their venture to the next level. To them, we’d like to say –
Let’s get it done!

Our Services

Fund raising


Pitch Events

Strategic Connects

Global Connects

Venture Debt